Historic diary entry with decorative cursive script

OPM Archives

Historic daguerreotype of Menominee Chief Oshkosh

About OPM Archives

The OPM Archives holds records of historic significance for Oshkosh and the Lake Winnebago Region, such as papers, photographs, audiovisual materials, and more. OPM Archives are home to materials related to areas of Oshkosh history like people, businesses, and community organizations. Our Archival Collection is organized into several categories: 

Record Groups are large collections of related material created by one person, family, or entity, such as the Sawyer Family Collection or the Deltox Grass Rug Company Collection. Finding aids for Record Groups are available upon request.

Small Collections are made up of materials like letters, pamphlets, or diaries that fall under a general subject area, like People and Ethnic Communities or Education and Schools.

Photographs include daguerreotypes, glass plate negatives, glossy and matte prints, and more.

Other Materials include maps, blueprints, posters, sheet music, and oral histories. 

Collection Highlight: Daguerreotype of Menominee Chief Oshkosh, OPM #53.1

Historic Photographs

Thousands of images in the Museum's Collection have been digitized for research or reproduction through our online database.

OPM can provide digital copies of historic images upon request. To request a digital copy from the database, select an image and then click the “Request Image” camera icon or contact OPM Archives for assistance.

Only a small portion of our Archival Collections are available online. To inquire about other holdings, contact OPM Archives for additional assistance. 

Collection Highlight: Mary Mears Archival Collection of Wisconsin artist Helen Farnsworth Mears, OPM Permanent Collections


Helen Farnsworth Mears featured items
Historic photograph by Lewis Hine titled "Italian Family Seeking Lost Luggage"